Successful Background

Siemens Energy Hybrid configurations

Hybrid Power Plant Reference – achieved COD in 2019 Isabela Island Hybrid Power Plant – Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Scale: 1.8 MW
Sustainable, reliable energy supply for a UNESCO world heritage site
Hybrid Power Plant based on 100% renewables
Designed to run completely carbon-neutral

Naval Station Guantanamo Bay By ESPC – 24MW CCPP

The project supports the Navy’s three pillars of energy security: resiliency, reliability and efficiency New dual fuel power plant complex is Navy

Scale: 24 MW

Distributed Generation –24 MW nominal combined cycle power plan (CCPP) with 4000 m3 LNG facility and storage.

18 percent of the power generated by the new plant use renewable sources.

Efficient floating power - The combined cycle power plant has arrived in Santo Domingo.

While floating power stations have been around since the mid-90s, reinventing them with today’s efficient, low environmental impact technologies is a first. SeaFloat does just that. And it’s proving very popular.

“Green” hydrogen – Made in Wunsiedel

When hydrogen is produced from water electrolysis using only power from renewable energy sources, it is known as “green” hydrogen. A Silyzer 300 from Siemens Energy will be used in Wunsiedel. The plant will feature high efficiency at high power density as well as low-maintenance and reliable operation – without chemicals.