What do we propose
Our vision to support Energy Transition

ENSYSA ENERGY with the technical support of SIEMENS ENERGY will develop, tailor made solutions, based on hybrid power plants.

In order to build this solution we need a minimum information that includes but is not limited to:

Based on this information, ENSYSA ENERGY and SIEMENS ENERGY will prepare a budgetary proposal for the solution and the expectation is to sign a long term agreement between the parties, under a business set-up to be define and tailor made.

Related Projects

The new power plant complex will become the primary power generation facility for NS Guantanamo Bay. The installation’s current diesel generator complex will become a subsidiary system to ensure a more consistent power supply, as well as a backup system in the event of power failures or planned maintenance.

Within the objective of Ecuador‘s “Zero Fossil Fuel Initiative for the Galapagos Islands” a new hybrid power generation system was installed in Isabela island located in the Galapagos Archipelago. It is successfully in operation since October 2018.